Computer science

Program mission statement

The discipline of computer science is a corner stone of technology. As we march into the information age, the importance of the discipline is paramount. The mission of Saint Martin's University computer science department is to create life-long learners capable of adapting and evolving in a dynamic, technical environment under the liberal arts tradition of Saint Martin's life-long learning. Within the University, the computer science curriculum provides students with the requisite skills and knowledge particular to the discipline.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes

Students will be able to demonstrate:


  • Develop a firm foundation in basic areas of computer science.
  • Prepare to be able to work in various industries and government sectors.
  • Prepare to pursue graduate and/or professional programs.


  • Require the ability to use computer science principles to solve real-world problems.
  • Learn to think independently and creatively while working in teams.


  • Adapt to rapidly changing technology.