Student accounts

Program mission statement

Endorsing the Catholic Benedictine values of faith, reason, service, and community, the Office of Student Accounts, as part of the Student Financial Service Center, supports the mission of Saint Martin's University to empower students in their pursuit of learning and honors their sacredness as individuals as well as their families and our community in an efficient and caring professional manner. This service reflects the Benedictine traditions of hospitality, communication, and respect while maintaining a high level of accuracy and integrity.

Our purpose is to provide efficient and welcoming service to all of the Saint Martin’s community, and empathetic and reverent counsel to our students and their families in regards to their financial education concerns, inquiries, or limitations. This document will occasionally refer to the department as the Student Financial Service Center now that the Office of Student Accounts has merged with the Office of Financial Aid. The information provided, however, refers to the student accounts area of this department and will indicate that area specifically as deemed necessary.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes


  • To provide financial service to students and their families accurately and timely.
  • To preserve the assets of the University while providing courteous and efficient service to the entire University community.
  • To provide understanding and respectful financial counsel to those students and their families in need of guidance regarding the financing of their education.


  • To provide clear, concise, and accurate information in an effective and respectful manner in all interactions.

Compliance - Fiscal Responsibility

  • To adhere to any regulations of the state and federal systems as well as the policies and procedures of the University.
  • To minimize the University’s delinquent, defaulted, or uncollectible accounts as much as possible.