Program mission statement

The mission of the Office of the Registrar is to support the mission of Saint Martin’s University by implementing efficient systems and processes for student registration, class scheduling and room assignments; creating and maintaining accurate academic records and ensuring the integrity of the Saint Martin’s University degree.

The Office of the Registrar functions as a service office to the University’s academic community. Accordingly, the Office of the Registrar provides service through a variety of forms, use of technology and individualized support and attention. Our top priority is focusing efforts on the students as they seek intellectual, personal and cultural development while balancing our dedication to working in partnership with other divisions, offices and units of Saint Martin’s University to comply with the policies of the University and regulatory agencies.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes


  • Provide course / schedule management support to faculty, deans and administrators.
  • Provide data services for enrollment management.
  • Provide point of service for students, prospects and alumni.
  • Provide improved technology based service delivery systems to enhance student satisfaction.


  • Provide information about courses, programs, policies and procedures to constituents.


  • Maintain the integrity of university records.
  • Implement and monitor the compliance of institutional policies and procedures.
  • Provide access to academic records in accordance with federal guidelines.

Activities to support program goals


  • Input term courses into the student information system.
  • Provide a registration system for students to enroll in classes.
  • Schedule appropriate space for all classes.
  • Provide space utilization reports to deans and administration.
  • Maintain request forms and provide online line as well as office access to the forms.
  • Review existing processes and request forms to find electronic delivery solutions.


  • Publish pertinent information to the Registrar’s website.
  • Develop forms and procedures as required.
  • Publish the University catalog.
  • Send email notifications to students, staff and faculty regarding start of semester, registration and end of semester important dates.
  • Explore social media and other methods of electronic communication delivery.

Compliance – Records Requirements

  • Certify student enrollment as required (e.g., veterans services, rehabilitation services, student loans, athletic eligibility).
  • Provide reports as required (e.g., class rosters, grade rosters, grade reports, transcripts).
  • Record properly evaluated transfer credit
  • Administer academic eligibility policies (e.g., graduation, honors, academic probation or suspension).
  • Prepare and distribute diplomas.
  • Maintain student record data base and archival files.
  • Ensure that the security and confidentiality of student record data are maintained throughout the university.
  • Provide disclosure relating to FERPA.
  • Research alternative delivery methods for FERPA training.