Public safety

Program mission statement

The Office of Public Safety is dedicated to serve and protect the Saint Martin’s Abbey and University community, visitors, and guests, and to provide an environment in which to enhance learning and working experience.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes

The Office of Public Safety has as its primary function the responsibility to create and maintain a safe environment for the Saint Martin’s community and to prepare for, respond to, and recover from any emergency or disaster befalling the campus community or physical setting. In carrying out its mission the Office of Public Safety is unique in its ability to employ students who learn and become versed in the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to make decisions on life/safety issues affecting the campus community; the K/S/A directly transferable to life after their academic careers. While the Office of Public Safety is not a traditional academic department, it is engaged in endeavors to educate students about life skills necessary to recognize threats and avoid becoming the victim of crime and preparation for emergency situations. The life skills learned at Saint Martin’s will help prepare future community leaders. The Office of Public Safety must also assure all federal and state disclosures requirements, including crime statistics and policies and procedures, are met.

The Office of Public Safety has three goals:

  • Students will know how to avoid identity theft and personal property crime – Students will learn and understand the nature of criminal activities placing them at risk. Areas of risk will include identity theft, personal property crime and ways to avoid becoming a victim of these types of crimes.
  • Students will be prepared for and know how to respond to an emergency situation – Students will learn about significant emergency and dangerous situations involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students on campus. Student will develop knowledge of the procedures used in an emergency situation for notification and will be able to understand and follow the established emergency response and evacuation directions intended for various crisis situations occurring on campus.
  • Students will know how to avoid becoming a victim – Student will learn habits consistent with becoming aware of their physical settings for personal safety reasons. Students will be able to identify potential risks to their personal safety and means to be proactive to avoid injury or loss.