Learning and Writing Center/Disability Support Services

Program mission statement

The Learning and Writing Center and Disability Support Services share the University’s commitment to support the success of our students, in all their diversity, by modeling academic excellence through peer assisted learning, ensuring equal access to all aspects of college life, fostering independent thinking, self-appraisal and confidence, and promoting life-long learning. "Learning and Writing Center" is inclusive of four academic support functions that will be represented in this assessment report; Learning Center, Writing Center, Disability Support Services (DSS) and Early Alert/Student Success. Both the DSS office and early alert program are structured under the Learning Center.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes


The LWC/DSS will provide a welcoming and accessible learning space that supports the delivery of academic support services.

  • The LWC will provide appropriate learning spaces where peer assisted learning can accommodate diverse student needs.
  • Staff and student employees will offer a welcoming, service-orientated atmosphere in the LWC.
  • Students will report being able to identify resources and know how to use them.

Knowledge and Skills:

Through training and implementation of services, students will be challenged to improve their learning, thinking and communication skills.

  • Students who frequently use tutoring for math will report an increase in their understanding of mathematical concepts.
  • Students who frequently use peer reading conferences will report an improvement in their writing and critical thinking skills.
  • DSS students will report an improvement in self-advocacy and communication skills.