Housing and residence life

Program mission statement

Serving students so that they may serve others, the Office of Housing and Residence Life at Saint Martin’s University acts as a catalyst for the formation of a community in which members support and encourage one another by sharing their gifts and challenge each other to recognize and fulfill their full potential.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes

Resident students will be active and engaged members of the residential community.

  • Resident students will report that their experience in the halls made them more active participants in the campus community.
  • Resident students will indicate high levels of interaction and participation in a variety of activities.
  • Resident Assistants will meet or exceed their programming requirements with respect to the amount and variety of events.
  • Residents will indicate satisfaction with programming and the social environment in the halls.
  • Resident students will experience and recognize the benefits of a strong sense of community.

Resident students will demonstrate civility and respect for others, and will accept personal responsibility for their impact on the community.

  • Residents will report that their peers are respectful and understanding of differences in backgrounds, beliefs, and personal needs.
  • Residents will report that the residence hall environment is conducive to their personal growth and academic success.
  • Policy violations will be addressed through the student conduct process, which will provide students with learning opportunities through educational sanctions.
  • Residents will participate in floor meetings, forums, and events designed to promote community standards.
  • Students will report that they have grown and matured throughout their residential experience.

Residents will be valued, supported, and well served by Housing and Residence Life staff.

  • Resident students will report satisfaction with staff availability and responsiveness.
  • Resident Assistants will be well-trained and confident in their ability to address resident questions and concerns.
  • Residents will indicate that Housing and Residence Life facilities and services provided them with opportunities for growth and development.
  • The Office of Housing and Residence Life will solicit constructive feedback and provide opportunities for students to voice concerns.
  • Staff mentoring and role modeling will encourage residents to pursue leadership and service opportunities themselves.