Master of Engineering Management

Program mission statement

The Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program prepares engineering and science graduates for management careers in the field of engineering and engineering project management.

The program emphasizes the continuity of management and engineering-related efforts from planning through design to execution. The program stresses the interrelationship of the phases and focuses on the role of the project engineer in managing and controlling all aspects of the project including personnel and materials. Management of expanding technology is also a prominent feature of the program. The program draws on the existing knowledge-base of its participants and enhances skills and approaches to assure successful and timely delivery of projects.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes


  • In addition to technical engineering topics, the program provides managerial, business, marketing, legal and information systems tools for an engineering management career in either the private or public sector. Additionally, contractual law, economics and ethics are stressed.
  • With the necessary approval, senior SMU undergraduate students can take master level courses as senior electives and begin to gain specific skills in engineering management.


  • The students will emerge with management and business skills to allow effective performance in directing engineering organizations and in assessing clients' and potential clients' options from a business and engineering standpoint.