Master of Business Administration

Program mission statement

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is designed to prepare qualified students and working professionals for positions of responsibility as managers and leaders in business by providing students with decision-making tools and an understanding of the total administrative system. The program develops a capacity for understanding managerial relationships and provides specialized training and personal research in a functional field of management.

Program goals, objectives and outcomes


Students must learn to deal with a variety of business situations in ways that are likely to lead to a superior satisfactory outcome. This involves an understanding of the perspectives of government and stakeholders both nationally and internationally. To accomplish this, students must:

  • Learn fundamental and advanced business principles and functions.
  • Learn at least one business discipline or functional area, learn multidisciplinary approaches to critical and analytical thinking.
  • Learn the relationship of business to individuals, government, society, and other organizations.
  • Learn the effects of globalization on the marketplace.


Students must begin to develop advanced skills necessary to reliably achieve desired results. This involves an understanding of people and business processes and scenarios. To accomplish this, students must:

  • Learn to expertly evaluate situations and think critically.
  • Learn to communicate effectively.
  • Learn to work with other people in diverse and changing environments.
  • Learn to effectively lead people and manage resources.


Students must begin to develop their personal abilities in ways that will allow them to be productive members of the business community. This involves an understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses and the ability continually develop, grow and mature. To accomplish this, students must:

  • Learn to motivate themselves and their employees.
  • Learn to evaluate their behavior from an ethical perspective.
  • Learn to identify their personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Learn to acquire and employ the personal and professional resources necessary for success.