Assistive technologies

Training and support

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Screen readers, screen magnifiers, voice recognition software and other tools are available in the library as well as the Center for Student Learning, Writing and Advising.

Location:  Library study room M3 and media rooms M4 and M5

Reservations: Circulation (360-688-2260 or

Restrictions:  students, faculty, staff, and monks only
Support:  see below

Specialized software

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking:  Operate the computer with spoken commands and transcribe speech into text when using Microsoft Word or other Windows applications.  Headset and speakers are available.
  • JAWS:  Have Web pages, Microsoft Word documents and other electronic documents read aloud.  Headset and speakers are available.
  • MAGic:  Magnify the computer screen.
  • OpenBook:  Scan books, journals, and other printed pages to electronic text and then have them read aloud.  Scanner, headset, and speakers are available.

Specialized hardware

  • Headset and speakers
  • Scanner

Other tools

  • Clarity AF:  Magnify books, journals, and other printed pages and display on a television screen.  (M4 only)

All public computers in the library run the Windows 7 operating system and are installed with the standard Saint Martin's software suite and minimum hardware configuration. (See software and hardware in the library.)  Additional software and peripherals are available to the Saint Martin's community on selected computers: