Network FAQ

How do I connect to the Internet while on campus?
Connecting to the Internet is a two step process; First you connect to the campus network by either using a network cable or a wifi connection, then you register you device on the campus network. Once you have done both of these things you will be able to access the internet.

How do I connect to the campus wireless network?
  The wifi passphrase is smusaints
  Instructions to connect to the wireless network.
Please note that we recommend using a network cable to connect the network from your campus residence.

How do I register a device on the campus network?
Once you connect to the campus network for the first time, opening any webpage in your browser should automatically redirect you to where you can follow the onscreen directions to complete your registration. If you have the MAC code for a device you want to register and you have access to a computer which is connected to the internet, you can register another device by pointing your browser to and following the onscreen instructions. If you want help registering your personal computer, game console or smart phone on the campus network please contact the Help Desk at or at 360-438-4338, or stop by to see us in the O'Grady Library on the main level next to the elevator.

Additional assistance connecting to the network: Network troubleshooting