Password issues

My password stopped working

Please note that SMU network passwords expire after 150 days. If your password is not working check that the CAPS Lock for your keyboard is turned off. Your SMU network password is used to access campus computers, SMU email, Moodle, and SelfService. If you are having trouble accessing one of these resources you may want to try another resource to make sure the problem is with your password.  If you are unable to access any of the SMU Network resources you may want to try choosing a new password.

I want to change my network password.

Passwords can be changed at any University computer. If you login with your expired password the system will notify you and give you the opportunity to choose a new password. If you would like to choose a different password, log in, press Ctrl-Alt-Delete, click Change password. Type in your current password. Press tab. Type in your new password. Press tab. Re-type your new password for verification. Press enter.
If you need to change the password from the internet use the change password form.

I need help changing my network password

If you are unable to choose a new network password using the change password form please contact the ITS Help Desk (360-438-4338) for a password reset. You can also request a password reset in person from the ITS Help Desk, the O'Grady Library reference desk or the Copy Resource Center in Old Main. Once your password has been reset you will need to choose a new password before you can login to any of your SMU Netowrk resources, as the default password is always expired.

Passwords must be 6 to 14 characters long. No previous passwords allowed. You are encouraged to use unique passwords with a combination of characters, numbers and letters. This will make your password more secure.