Employment opportunities

Position description

Position title: Head Men's and Women's Track and Field Coach

Reports to: Athletic Director

Position summary:

The Head Men’s and Women’s Track and Field Coach administers and coaches the Track and Field Programs and Men’s and Women’s Cross Country. The Head Coach is responsible for all scheduling, budgeting, recruiting, scouting, communicating and training associated with the successful operation of the these programs competing under the jurisdiction of the NCAA.


Mission and strategic plan

To successfully recruit and retain academically eligible student-athletes, and to assist in the monitoring of their academic process and eligibility status to include classroom and study hall attendance. To adhere to ethical sports practices and behaviors that maintain the integrity of the athletes while upholding the Benedictine values of Saint Martin’s University.

Level of supervision and supervisory responsibility

General Direction: The employee carries out work assignments in accordance with the policies and objectives established by the supervisor. The employee plans and organizes the work, determines the work methods which will be employed and assists in determining priorities and deadlines. Completed work is reviewed in terms of the employee’s effectiveness in producing the expected results.

Responsibilities and essential functions


  • Organize and coordinate coaching (daily, weekly, seasonal, conditioning phase and spring) based on a master plan for the program.
  • Conduct practice sessions (in whole or in component parts) to follow master plan.
  • Evaluate players periodically and cumulatively (2 formal evaluation periods per year—post championship season, end of academic year and at two other seminal points in year (pre-season and early spring, informally).
  • Maintain regular correspondence with prospective student athletes.
  • Create long-term player development plans: technical, tactical and physical development of individual players over time.
  • Responsible for the hiring and supervision of Asst. Coaches.


  • Complete all travel documentation (travel list, itineraries, credit card usage, etc.)
  • Update and coordinate actual expenses with program specialist to comply with budget.
  • Develop championship season and Spring game schedules.
  • Create seasonal calendars and communicate with staff and players (practice scheduling, game schedules, required paperwork etc.).
  • Write weekly schedules for players when in season (nuts and bolts information regarding training, competition and travel).
  • Communicate regularly with department staff (compliance, sports information, program specialist, and trainer) on specific items related to their job and our programs.
  • Assisting in departmental fundraisers or community involvement projects (golf tournament, state high school tournaments, conference basketball tournaments).
  • Coordinate and conducting local fundraising for program.
  • Attend staff meetings and training as directed.
  • Serve on Committees as requested (department / university, NCAA, NSCAA).


  • Assist student-athletes in scheduling classes (who to see, what to ask).
  • Help with ensuring NCAA progress towards degree requirements and working with student-athletes on achieving academic success and eventual graduation from SMU.
  • Serve on Committees as requested (department / university, NCAA, NSCAA).


  • Maintain contact with key track and field coaches in the community and have productive relations with a variety of coaching entities in an effort to recruit prospective student athletes.
  • Evaluate athletes at track meets throughout the Northwest.
  • Watch recruit videos for upcoming signings and potential recruits
  • Meet with prospective student athletes on campus (discuss academic expectations, student academic goals, NCAA compliance regulations.)
  • Communicate regularly with admissions on status of prospective student athletes.
  • Update NCAA mandated Compliance Assistant software for recruiting activities.


  • Demonstrated usage of a wide ranging repertoire of; knowledge, coaching and teaching methods to accomplish goals and objectives of a comprehensive track and field program.
  • Develops, plans, carryout, explains, and adapts specific practice plans for the team and/or specific individual players.
  • Successful in planning and coordinating home track and cross country meets.
  • Quickly and tactfully communicates, orally and in writing, specific target objectives for player’s improvement in the short (from game-to-game) and long term (from one season to the next) as well as skills and tactics for specific positions.
  • The ability to use Microsoft Office to complete all work product (both directed and self-directed).
  • The ability to communicate orally and via written product both basic and delicate information with precision, style and form.
  • The ability to follow through with departmental, university or outside entities with the appropriate message regarding issues affecting the women’s and men’s track and field program at SMU.
  • Demonstrates acceptance of the department and University initiatives to support Benedictine Values.

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelors degree required, Master's degree preferred.
  • Three (3) years experience as a head coach at the NCAA D-I-III levels preferred, full-time NAIA and community college experience will be considered.
  • Proficient in working with word processing and electronic spreadsheets (preferably Microsoft Office Suite).
  • Must pass the NCAA D-II coach’s test.
  • Must possess and maintain current CPR/First Aid certification.
  • Must clear background check, pass sexual harassment test and have a valid Washington State driver’s license. Provide a copy of a three year driver’s abstract indicating no major moving violations on file.
  • May be asked to pass a driving test (driving school vehicles).

The principles of the Catholic Benedictine tradition, equal employment opportunity, and nondiscrimination are fundamental to the mission, goals, and objectives of Saint Martin’s University. The University does not discriminate in employment or in the delivery or administration of its educational programs, policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic or other University programs on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, color, religion (except as a bona fide occupational qualification for certain select positions), marital status, national or ethnic origin, military or veteran status, age, or disability.

Students or employees with concerns or complaints about discrimination on the basis of sex in employment or an education program or activity, or any other inquiries related to the University's non-discrimination policy, may contact the following individual:

Cynthia Johnson
Director of Human Resources/Title IX Coordinator
5000 Abbey Way SE, Lacey WA 98503

Consistent with the requirements of Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and the regulations adopted under that law, the University has designated the above individual as the University's Title IX Officer, responsible for coordinating the University's Title IX compliance. Individuals may also contact the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education, 915 2nd Avenue, Room 3310 Seattle, WA 98174-1099, Telephone: (206) 220-7900, TDD: (206) 220-7907.