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Obtain your books quickly and easily using MBS Direct.  If needed, see their help page.

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Textbooks for Extended Learning Division students

Textbook lists - Spring02 Term

Textbook lists - Summer05 Term

Textbooks for classes held at Stone Education Center may be available for purchase in the Stone Education Bookstore. The bookstore provides full refunds if a course is cancelled, but we do not guarantee prices or availability since it is operated by U.S. Army MWR. Our online partner bookstore - MBS Direct - also gives full refunds if courses are cancelled.

Because of all of the possible versions (bundled, packaged, with CD-ROM, etc.) of the same book, there are many ISBNs - and often several editions - associated with each textbook. The ISBN shown on the textbook list is what we provide to the respective bookstores. Saint Martin's University cannot be held responsible for textbooks purchased through other sources.

Expected credit balances

All students with expected credit balances who using Federal Title IV funds (Direct Loans, Perkins Loans, Pell grants or SEOG), to purchase their textbooks must have a completed refund request form on file with the University authorizing the application of ‘allowable charges’ before a book voucher through MBS Direct can be issued. Completed forms may be hand carried, faxed, scanned and emailed, or mailed to the JBLM Main and McChord Extended Learning Division campus offices or to the student accounts office at the Lacey campus.

For JBLM Main:
Saint Martin’s University JBLM Main
P.O. Box 33058
6242 Colorado Ave.
Joint Base Lewis-McChord WA 98433
Fax: 253-964-0437

For JBLM McChord:
Saint Martin’s University
62 AW/FSDE, Building 851, Lincoln Blvd., Ste 337
Joint Base Lewis-McChord WA 98438-1317
Fax: 253-589-1392

For the student accounts office, Lacey Campus:
Saint Martin’s University
Office of Student Accounts
5300 Pacific Avenue SE
Lacey WA 98503-7500
Fax: 360-438-4350

Using scholarships or Chapter 31 voc rehab

If you are planning to use scholarship or Chapter 31 vocational rehabilitation and employment funding to buy your textbooks, please register early. Once you register, we will verify your status and account balances and will forward the authorization to MBS Direct. An email from MBS with your authorization number will be generated and sent to your Saint Martin's email address between 24 to 48 hours after you register.

If you have any questions, please contact Yume Shipley.

Note! The last day to use scholarship or voc rehab funds to purchase textbooks, using MBS Direct, is one week after the start of the term. After that time, you can still purchase textbooks from MBS Direct at your own expense with a credit card.