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Information for transfer students

It is strongly advised that students make contact early with faculty at Saint Martin's University to ensure that there is complete understanding as to what is required of the student. There should be frequent dialogue. Specific course selection and length of time to prepare for transfer depends upon each student's background, individual program requirements, student ability and specific course offerings each quarter.

Graduates of community colleges with a direct transfer associate degree obtained after 1990 will be admitted with junior standing and will have satisfied Saint Martin's general education program requirements with the exception of one course in philosophy and one course in religion. Transfer credits not included in a direct transfer associate degree will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis, and credits will be applied to academic major requirements according to established guidelines and policies. A maximum of 96 semester hours (144 quarter hours) will be accepted toward fulfillment of requirements for a baccalaureate degree. Students must take at least 32 credits of upper level courses at Saint Martin’s. Transfer credits from a two-year accredited college may not exceed 64 semester hours (96 quarter hours) and a minimum of 64 credits must be taken at Saint Martin’s. No more than 30 semester hours (45 quarter hours) earned by extension, online or correspondence will be accepted. Of these, no more than six semester hours (nine quarter hours) may be taken by correspondence. Credits earned more than nine years ago will be reviewed to determine transferability.

The equivalent of the following math, science and engineering courses can generally be taken at many of the local community colleges. Please refer to the ME and CE program descriptions for further clarification.

SMU coursecredits WA community colleges common course numbering (quarter system)
Required ME and CE:
MTH 171: calculus I(4) Calculus I,II and III (15 credits) equivalent to SMU 8 credits: MTH 151, 152, 153
MTh172: calculus II(4)
MTH 322: differential equations (3)Differential equations (5 credits)
Required ME only:
MTH 271: vector calculus (3)Calculus IV (5 credits)
Required ME and CE:
Calculus based, engineering physics: Calculus based, engineering physics with lab (15 total credits) PHYS 221, 222, 223
PHY 171: physics I(4)
PHY 171L: physics I lab (1)
PHY 172: physics II(4)
PHY 172L: physics II lab (1)
CHM 141 or CHM 145: chemistry (4)General chemistry I, II with lab (10 credits) CHEM 161, 162
CHM 141L or CHM 145L: chemistry lab (1)
Required CE only:
Biology OR geology(3) Equivalent biology or geology(5 credits)
Usually CE 220(3) GEOL 101 (5 credits)
Required ME and CE:
GE 103: graphics, computer-aided drafting and solid modeling(3)ENGR 114: engineering graphics (5 credits)
GE 204: statics(3) ENGR 214: statics (5 credits)
GE 205: dynamics(3) ENGR 215: dynamics (5 credits)
GE 206: mechanics of materials (3)ENGR 225: mech. of materials (5 credits)