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Study abroad

Academically qualified students (3.0 GPA or higher) can spend their first semester sophomore year at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia (UTS) and can stay on track for graduation. The table below shows the courses normally taken at Saint Martin’s University and the equivalent courses to be taken at the University of Technology in Sydney for both Mechanical and Civil Engineering Students.

Saint Martin's University Credits University of Technology in Sydney Credits
CHM 141/L or 145/L
chemistry and lab
(5) 65111
Chemistry 1
GE 204
(3) 48321
Engineering mechanics
CE: MTH 322
differential equations
(3) 35231
Differential equations
ME: MTH 271
vector calculus
(3) 35102
Introduction to analysis and multivariable calculus
CE + ME: gen ed (3) TBD (4)
CE + ME: gen ed* (3)

*Typically, students take two general education courses during their fall semester sophomore year at Saint Martin's University. One of these courses can be taken at UTS and the other can be taken during the spring semester senior year if you are an ME student or fall semester senior year for CE students.
Students are required to take 8 credits combined in math and science first semester sophomore year in order to satisfy the required 32 credits in math and science. You may be required to take additional math or science credits if these are not taken at UTS.

Note that the same prerequisites required for our courses are also required for UTS courses.

It is imperative to let your advisor and the Office of International Programs and Development know your interest in this during your first semester at Saint Martin's University. The first deadline is in December of your freshman year. For more information, contact Ms. Brenda Burns, International activities and study abroad coordinator, 360-438-4521,

More information on Study Abroad can be found here.