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Minors in education

What are the minors in education?

The College of Education and Counseling Psychology offers four minors including:

  • Education*
  • Physical education
  • Reading
  • Special education

Note: The reading and special education minors are normally completed along with a Bachelor of Science in Education program to meet endorsement requirements. Please see an education faculty advisor for special advising if you wish to minor in reading or special education and are not planning to earn certification. Completing only a minor in the education department does not satisfy the state requirements for teacher certification.

*Secondary education students normally pursue the minor in education.

Why pursue an education minor at Saint Martin's?

Saint Martin’s offers a blend of traditional and contemporary preparation within all our education programs. A faculty of working professionals provide a balanced foundation that honors the roots of education as a profession while inspiring students to subscribe to a progressive spirit. As a result our graduates fit comfortably into a variety of educational cultures.

Additional benefits include:

  • National accreditation
  • Approved by the Washington State Board of Education
  • 97% of our graduates find teaching jobs
  • Study abroad opportunities open doors to teaching internationally
  • Top employers includes public schools in Washington, Hawaii and California
  • Require two subject endorsements to better prepare students for employability
  • Educational endorsements aligned with most majors offered on campus
  • Ongoing experience in schools throughout the program
  • Faculty are experienced educators with practical teaching experience
  • Focus areas include STEM, Special Education and English Language Learning

What can I do with these minors?

An education minor allows students to explore the educational field as a compliment to their intended professions. With a background in any one of our four minors, a student’s opportunity for engagement as a non-professional educator is enhanced. Opportunities include:

  • Activities director
  • Management in education related areas
  • Training or professional development
  • Community Involvement
  • Staff member in non-profit organizations

For a complete list of professional applications, visit For additional information about how Saint Martin’s can help you find the career for you, visit our Career Center.

What is required?

  • Education
    • Six semester hours of lower-division courses
    • 13-14 semester hours of upper-division courses
    • Classroom management and classroom assessment
  • Physical education
    • Two semester hours of lower-division courses
    • 17 semester hours of upper-division courses
  • Reading
    • 21-24 semester hours of upper-division courses
  • Special education
    • 21 semester hours

For a complete list of program goals, objectives and outcomes for education minor courses and requirements, please visit our undergraduate education website.

All Saint Martin's students must complete the University's general education requirements.

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