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What is interfaith?

The term interfaith broadly refers to the efforts of people around the world to advance understanding, dialogue and cooperation between religiously, culturally and socially diverse communities.

Founded by Eboo Patel in 2009, Interfaith Youth Core hinges on the principle that interfaith cooperation is a doorway through which we can discover the common ground that allows us to unify as a global community.

You are invited to begin a journey towards understanding interfaith, Eboo Patel and the Interfaith Youth Core through the following resources.


Informative articles on Eboo Patel and interfaith issues

Interfaith-related videos

Dr. Patel talks about the strong female influences in his life and how faith can be used as a bridge of cooperation.

Dr. Patel's 2013 Unitarian Universalist Ware Lecture: Standing Your Sacred Ground

How SMU is incorporating the interfaith movement on campus

A team of 5 staff and students participated in the Interfaith Youth Core Leadership Conference at New York University from Aug. 11-13. The team gained deeper insights on Dr. Patel's program and learned strategies on how to implement interfaith programs on our campus.

The team will spearhead the Saint Martin's Interfaith Youth Core Taskforce, which will be compromised of supportive faculty, staff, and students from our community, to begin developing interfaith programs throughout the academic year.