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Tiffany Artime
Michael Butler
Jeremy Newton
Sheila Steiner
Thomas Woodruff

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Michael Butler, chair

Psychology Program (M., m.)

Department overviewPsychology (M., m.)

The Psychology Program structures coursework and field placements to integrate experiential learning with rigorous study of psychology as the scientific study of human beings.

The program's curriculum does not emphasize any single school of thought. Instead, it provides a broad-based education in psychology that gives students completing the program the skills and self-confidence to use a variety of perspectives in their work with people.

Students may take as many as twelve internship credits while completing their degrees. Students pursue internships consistent with their own interests in a variety of settings. These include school counseling, youth outreach, parent and family support, juvenile and adult corrections, drug and alcohol counseling, youth recreation leadership, mental health counseling, case management, social welfare casework, elder services, halfway house and shelter work, vocational rehabilitation, and personnel work.

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