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Aaron Coby
Robert Bode
Mary Jo Hartman
Margaret Olney

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Darrell Axtell, chair

Biology Program (M., m.)

Department overviewBiology (M., m.)Chemistry (M., m.) Physics (OD)

Biology is the science of living things: what they are, how they work, how they interact and how they change or evolve. Now, more than ever, biology is among the most exciting, intellectually stimulating and promising disciplines in the sciences.

Saint Martin's University offers a bachelor of science degree in biology that will help prepare tomorrow's scientists, who will teach, study, explore, care for and enlighten our world and its inhabitants.

The aims of the University's biology program are to enable its students to gain knowledge about and an understanding of living organisms.

Graduates of the University's biology program will be prepared for a variety of careers in the biological sciences; specialized investigation leading to graduate degrees in biology; or admission into professional health care graduate programs including medical, dental, pharmacy, physical therapy and chiropractic schools.

Saint Martin's biology program provides:

  • Small class and lab sizes, which enable students to work closely with their faculty members.
  • Library resources, computers and study environments to support its students.
  • A faculty advisor for each student from the time he or she enters the program through graduation.
  • Field experiences, internships and other learning opportunities outside the classroom.
  • A strong liberal arts tradition that promotes oral and written fluency, critical thinking, academic excellence and sound ethical judgment.

The program sponsors a Biology Club whose membership is open to all biology majors and other students interested in biological issues. The club sponsors guest speakers and field trips, as well as providing service to the University in a variety of ways. Saint Martin's biology program also has a chapter of TriBeta National Biological Honor Society. This group participates in the Biology Club and promotes undergraduate research and participation in regional TriBeta research conferences.


Students who pursue a bachelor of science degree in biology must complete the program requirements found in the academic catalog, in addition to the University's General Education Requirements.

Some biology majors may add substantial coursework in a discipline other than biology. Such students often qualify for a minor in that area. Minors can be earned in many areas including chemistry, mathematics, psychology and English.

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