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Darrell Born
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Darrel Born, chair

Department of Fine Arts

Department overviewMusic (M., m.)Theatre arts (M., m.)

The Department of Fine Arts at Saint Martin's University is a small, unique and vibrant environment that offers students big opportunities. Because of our size, students who choose Saint Martin's receive an immersive experience in their chosen program, whether music or theatre.

In addition to our core curriculum, students are exposed to a broad range of performance-related activities that enhance their education and prepare them for real world careers. As a theatre major or minor, you will write, act, direct and be a stage hand. As a music major or minor, you will study your primary instrument, participate in campus and community ensembles, collaborate on theatrical productions, and learn from world-class musicians through the master class tradition.

Our faculty is a blend of highly skilled educators and life-time professionals. Students have easy access to their professors and often work closely to fine-tune both their academic and professional choices.

Music and theatre students flourish at SMU. Through a balance of rigorous academics and performance opportunities, students are allowed to explore and expand their skills, discovering a depth of excellence that exceeds even their own expectations. We provide a training ground — a playground, if you will — for acquiring the participatory skills required of professionals in the 21st century. Through collaboration with faculty, the local community and each other, students achieve the confidence that is a result of working on productions of the highest quality. This collaborative paradigm equips our students with the tools and techniques required to be a success.

For the student interested in fine arts (drawing, painting and sculpture), Saint Martin's offers courses ranging from art history to hands-on workshops in two- and three-dimensional mediums (pottery and drawing).

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