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Ian Werrett"I want to give my students the same experience I had as a student here. I want to give them that extra attention, keep my office door always open to them."
- Ian Werrett

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On-campus activities

Formal studies are complemented by opportunities for personal development through a variety of on-campus programs including:


Fr. Kilian Malvey, O.S.B.
Stephen X. Mead
David Suter
Sr. Laura Swan
Ian Werrett

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Stephen X. Mead, chair

Department of Religious Studies

Department overviewReligious studies (M., m.)

Religious studies is an academic disciple that investigates the experiences and meanings of humanity's deepest questions:

  • What is my place in this world?
  • Who am I becoming?
  • Is there something greater than myself?

By examining the sacred writings and practices of the world's faith traditions, the faculty members of the Religious Studies Department endeavor to transform students into religiously literate citizens of the world - individuals who are sensitive to the complex role that religion plays in the social, economic and political systems of local and global communities. Students are encouraged to cultivate critical thinking skills and an interdisciplinary mindset while embracing a spirit of hospitality and compassion.

Saint Martin's University is rooted in the Catholic Benedictine tradition, which places many of our courses in Judeo-Christian texts and practices, but because we study religion as an historical phenomenon, students from all walks of life, be they religious, secular or somewhere in-between, are better able to understand forces at work in our increasingly global senses of economy, ecology, culture, and government.

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