Homecoming 2013: schedule

Friday, February 8

3 p.m. Lecture: "The Business of Music"
4 p.m. Lecture: "Estamos en la Lucha: Immigrant Women Light the Fires of Resistance"
7 p.m. All-class reunion | $20 per person

Saturday, February 9

9 a.m. Start your day off right: yoga
9 a.m. Start your day off right: jogging tour of campus
10 a.m. Alumni pick-up basketball game
10 a.m. Brunch | $8.50 per person
11 a.m. Saints baseball home opener
1 p.m. Guided tour of the new Cebula Hall
1 p.m. Guided campus tour
1 p.m. Department Drop-ins
1 p.m. Classes without quizzes
3:30 p.m. Hall of Fame/ Hall of Honor celebration | $15 per person
5:15 p.m. Saints vs. Central Washington
6 p.m. Alumni pep rally and reception | $10 per person
7:30 p.m. Saints vs. University of Alaska- Fairbanks
8 p.m. Gary Louie and Kirsten Taylor in concert

Sunday, February 10

11 a.m. Mass