College Achievement Program (CAP)
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College Achievement Program (CAP)

Each fall, the College Achievement Program (CAP) offers 35-40 first-year students who show promise as college achievers but have not qualified for regular admission with the opportunity to enroll at Saint Martin’s. The program is designed to enhance the transition from high school to college.

Candidates for CAP are selected and contacted by the Saint Martin’s University Office of Admissions. Participants do not accrue any additional cost for being CAP students.

Program duration

Because the program is meant to put students on the road to success at Saint Martin’s, the specialized support for each CAP student extends throughout their first full academic year!

Enrollment at Saint Martin's

Rather than forego the Saint Martin’s experience, CAP allows a select group of students to experience the advantages of a small, student-centered Benedictine institution.

Priority access to the optional Summer Bridge to Success program

  • Bridge participants are among the first students to register for classes
  • Students live on campus throughout the duration of the program and all lodging and food is included at no charge to the student
  • Students enhance their academic skills (with an emphasis placed on college writing)
  • The Bridge program includes the first advising and registration event this summer
  • Students build connections with other students through fun and unique cultural and social activities – past visits have included Mount Rainier, LakeFair in Olympia, museums in Tacoma, and more!
  • Summer 2015 dates: TBA

Skill development

  • Like other students, CAP students are registered into a UNI 101 class to reinforce foundational academic skills essential for a successful first-year student experience at the university
  • CAP students have the added benefit of having their UNI 101 instructor tailor elements of the curriculum to their needs

Assistance at the Learning and Writing Center

All CAP students build strong relationships with members of the Learning and Writing Center so they maximize available support services. The LWC staff and UNI 101 instructors work in partnership to connect CAP students with support resources and to improve academic outcomes.

Higher college GPAs

Historical data suggests that CAP has improved college outcomes for students.


CAP students are expected to communicate with their academic advisor on a regular basis, meet with their advisor once mid-term grades have been posted, keep him/her aware of academic progress and challenges, and work closely when scheduling future coursework.

Learning and Writing Center

CAP students are required to meet with a member of the Learning and Writing Center staff within the first few weeks of their first semester at Saint Martin’s. A determination of the frequency of meetings with Learning and Writing Center staff members will be reviewed at the initial meeting and at any time during each student’s year in CAP.

Academic Achievement

All CAP students are on academic probation during their first semester at Saint Martin’s and will remain so until their Grade Point Average (GPA) reaches or exceeds a 2.0. If a student’s GPA is not at least a cumulative 2.0, their transcript will be reviewed by the Academic Standards Committee to determine if an extension of the academic probation or a formal separation from the University is most appropriate. CAP students are limited to attempting no more than 12 credit hours each semester during their probationary period. This typically involves four academic courses. Students will be advised to take particular courses that will help build a foundation for success at Saint Martin’s. Eligibility for merit and need-based financial aid, including student loans, may be dependent on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Achieving and maintain a 2.0 GPA fulfills minimum GPA requirements for SAP.

The College Achievement Program offers a select group of students with opportunities and support that, with commitment and effort on their part, will help them be successful at Saint Martin’s University!