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Kathleen Allen
Serin Anderson
Peter Bishay
Heather Grob
Nathalie Kuroiwa-Lewis
Riley Moore
Fr. David Pratt, chair
Katya Shkurkin

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Getting started: First stepsPresentation formats
Guidelines for abstracts and research statements
Guidelines for individual and co-authored presentations (1-2 presenters)
Guidelines for topic-centered panel presentations (2-3 presenters)
Guidelines for group/team presentations (3+ presenters)
Guidelines for poster sessions (1-2 presenters)

First steps: How to prepare for Scholars Day

Begin preparing preferably in the fall or early spring.

  1. Find a faculty sponsor: Speak to one of your professors or instructors (preferably in the fall or early spring) about presenting your work at this year’s Scholars Day.
  2. Identify a strong piece of research you have completed, or are about to finish: This could be your senior thesis, a really good paper, a group research project, or a presentation that you want to develop further. You want to offer your best scholarship in either your major or your minor. Being selected to present is an accomplishment. Remember, participating in Scholars Day is an award that you can include in your resume and CV.
  3. Check the submission open and close dates which are posted on the right on each web page.
  4. Start drafting your TITLE, ABSTRACT, and RESEARCH STATEMENT.

    These are the only three things you need to submit with your application form. You do not have to submit your finished paper or project! That means you have time to get your final draft ready after you submit your application.

    Using the tools provided on this website, you’ll find it’s not hard to write a solid abstract and research statement. Also, please feel free to visit the Center for Student Learning, Writing and Advising, in the lower level of O’Grady Library, if you need assistance with your writing.

    *** Remember, the maximum word count for the abstract is 75. The research statement is a short 200-300 word statement, which works out to about two pages.

  5. Begin preparing your paper or presentation: Work up some drafts now and discuss them with your faculty sponsor. Make a working plan to get your paper or project done on time. You need to work with your faculty sponsor on the application form and your abstract and research statement. He or she will help you prepare the submission.