Peer reader evaluation

Your honest appraisal of your peer reading experience will allow us to provide the best services possible. When completed, please click the submit button at the bottom of the form. For subject area tutoring evaluations, please refer to the Learning Center.

  Peer reader's name:
  Were your appointments:
  Did you meet more than three times for the same paper?
Please answer the following questions by selecting the response you feel is appropriate.
SA = Strongly Agree A = Agree N = Neutral
D = Disagree SD = Strongly disagree
  1. I was able to schedule peer reading appointments conveniently:
  2. The Learning and Writing Center was helpful in answering my questions:
  3. The physical space and atmosphere in the Learning and Writing Center contributed to my learning:
  4. I felt welcomed in the Learning and Writing Center.
Comments regarding environment:
My peer reader:
  5.  My peer reader was knowledgeable about writing strategies:
  6. My peer reader guided me in a manner that encouraged me to think independently:
  7. My peer reader listened to my questions:
  8. My peer reader helped me to think more critically about the topic of my paper:
  9. My peer reader was punctual and dependable:
Comments regarding my peer reader:
  10. As a result of my session(s), my overall writing skills improved:
  11. I used the recommendations offered and believe my project(s) improved.
  12. I am better able to use the writing resources provided:
  13. I would recommend this peer reader to other students:
Comments regarding results:
Additional Information:
How did you learn about the free peer reading services at Saint Martin's University?

What recommendations do you have for improving the Writing Center? (workshop topics, software, resources, hours, etc.)
What can the Writing Center do to make writing appointments more successful for you?
Other Comments and/or suggestions: