Social Squad

The Social Squad members are student social media representatives for Saint Martin’s. They showcase the student experience at SMU through a number of social media services (namely Twitter, Instagram, FourSquare, and Wordpress). The members of the Social Squad cover everything from athletics, academics, life on and off campus, and more. The Social Squad is made up of students from many different groups around campus. There are athletes from different sports, those involved in different clubs around campus, students in their freshman year and those who are about to graduate. The Social Squad tries to use all of social media to the best of their ability. They utilize both the newest and most tried and true social media trends to offer the best, most comprehensive picture of the student experience at SMU for potential students. Social media allows for conversation between potential and current students to occur.

In addition to following every day life of SMU students, the Social Squad covers and hosts events around campus such as Gala or an Instawalk. For Gala, the Social Squad tweeted before, during and after the event, showing students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the general community a glimpse of the Gala event. Projects like Instawalks, contests, and give-aways are some of the ways the Social Squad presents attempts to bridge gap between the internet and real life; to take the tools and conversations of social media and incorporate them into real life.

The Social Squad holds office hours on all days of the week. Everyone is welcome to come and ask any social media-related question they might have. The office hours are as follows:

M-F 10 a.m. 12 p.m.
OM 201B

A complete list of the current members of the Social Squad can be found on the Saint Martin’s Social page ( under the tab “Social Squad”.