• Check-in: telling other users on Foursquare that you have arrived at a venue, and you can earn points and mayorships for doing so. Foursquare check-ins can be posted to Twitter and Facebook. (You can also tag your location on Facebook statuses, which is separate from Foursquare but also called a check-in.)
  • Facebook: a social networking site (created in 2004), which allows individuals and organizations to have profile pages with a variety of post types. (i.e. text, video, photo, link, etc.)
  • Foursquare: a location-based social networking app (created in 2009) that allows users to check-in to their location and earn points and share their current location.
  • Status: a feature in Facebook that allows users to post information or content (text, video, photo, links, etc.) to their timeline. (also known as a profile page), on their friend’s timelines, and in their friends’ news feeds.
  • Tweet: a 140 character or less text-based post that shows up on a user’s profile page and also on the feed of the user’s followers. (can include hashtags, mentions, links, photos, videos, etc.)
  • Twitter: a micro-blogging and social networking service (created in 2006) that enables users to send and read messages known as tweets. (see: tweet)

Facebook terms

  • Comment: giving your input on someone’s status, video, photo, etc. Sometimes a like just isn’t enough.
  • Friend: another user on Facebook whom you mutually agree with that you know each other and can see each other’s posts and updates. Someone you connect with through the site. (Friending is the act of adding someone a friend request because you want to connect with them on the site)
  • Groups: pages that can be created or joined that give access to a newsfeed and message system only to its members.
  • Like: there is an option to “like” any posts that you see. Good idea to give your thumb of approval to the person who posted the information if you like it. IT is also a “subscription” to the post you “like.” Once you like a post, you will then receive notifications when someone comments, shares, or likes it as well.
  • News feed: continuous stream of posts and updates from your friends, pages you like, and sometimes your friends’ activities on Facebook and on apps connected to Facebook.
  • Page: the timeline of a company or organization. You can create a page and manage it and have people like your page.
  • Timeline: simply put is your profile page. Contains everything you have posted or uploaded including, about page, photos, friends, family, interests, etc. This is where your posts show up from the very beginning of your Facebook life until the present. Your friends can also post on your timeline for you and other friends to see.

Twitter terms

  • Direct message: a private message sent to a user who is following you (cannot be sent to anyone who is not following you) that is not seen by anyone else.
  • Favorite: marking a tweet you really like to see at a later time easily. It is becoming the equivalent of a high-five on Twitter.
  • Follow: subscribing to someone’s tweets who you find interesting and want to see what they post.
  • Follower: someone who subscribes to your tweets
  • Handle: your username is referred to as this and must contain fewer than 15 characters that begins with the @ symbol. (example: @SMUNews)
  • Hashtag: refers to a topic keyword, or phrase that begins with the # symbol. (example: #SaintsAlive).
  • Mention: refers to a tweet that includes a reference to another user’s handle by placing the @ symbol in front of the handle. (shows up in blue text)
  • MT: A retweet that modifies the original tweet. Denoted with an MT before the body of the tweet.
  • Reply: a direct tweet sent to the user who’s tweet you are replying to by clicking the reply button at the bottom of their tweet.
  • Retweet: reposting another user’s tweet.

Foursquare terms

  • Badges: the rewards users earn for their check-ins at venues.
  • Friends: other users who you add as a friend and you can share your location and points with them.
  • Lists: users can create a list of venues, tips, photos, etc. It is an easy way to view venues you would normally check-in at.
  • Mayor: the user with most amount of “days” checked in at a venue in the past 60 days will become the Mayor of the venue. (you must have a profile picture to become a mayor)
  • Points: users earn points by checking into venues and completing certain actions. Points are calculated on a 7 day total.
  • Venue: a physical location, business, residence, etc. where Foursquare users can check in and earn points.