Study strategies

The Center for Student Learning, Writing, and Advising offers a vast array of handouts pertaining to general learning skills, reading, test taking, time management, organization, and note taking strategies. The LWC staff offers a 2 credit course, UNI 195, Learning and Study Strategies course. Please contact the Learning Center Director for more information.

General study skills:

Learning styles:

  • VARK: Use this interactive tool to profile your communication strategies and leadership behaviors.
  • Index of learning style questionnaire: This questionnaire will examine your preferences on four domains: active/reflective, sensing/intuitive, visual/verbal, and sequential/global.

Study tools:

Time management:

  • Students often under-estimate how much time is required to be successful in their coursework. Use this Time-Management Calculator to determine the right number of courses for you to take while balancing the other demands in your life.
  • An award winning time management resource that covers a wide-range of topics including concentration.