Academic improvement

Students can schedule appointments with Learning Center staff to create individualized study plans to help them reach their academic goals. Lunch and Learn sessions are available each semester on a variety of learning and writing related topics such as "Getting Organized: Practical Tips for Creating a Study Plan", "Effective Test Preparation", and "Organizing Your Essays".

Probation recovery: Students who receive notice by the University that they are on second probation (two consecutive semesters with cumulative GPA below 2.0) are required to complete the three Student Lingo workshops. To learn more about what it means to be on academic probation, please refer to the SMU academic catalog (page 71).

If you would like to schedule an academic recovery session, please contact the Learning Center director. These forms will facilitate your meeting with the Learning Center Staff. Please fill out the Student Information Form as well as this Academic Self Assessment.

GPA Calculator: Not sure what your final GPA will be this term? Calculate it on this interactive GPA calculator! Use this interactive tool to determine what your mid-term and final grades will be. Figure out how to raise your GPA with Back to College's easy GPA tool.