Daniel Mast

Daniel Mast

About me
I am majoring in mathematics and undecided on whether I have a minor or what it will be. This is my fourth year at Saint Martin's University and my third working in the Learning and Writing Center. I have lived in Lacey, WA for many years, graduating from River Ridge High School in 2009. I became a tutor so I could help others enjoy math and physics or, at least, not hate it as much as many do. With aspirations to work as a math educator someday, it only made sense that I work as a tutor now.

Courses tutored

  • Mathematics 100 level (all), 201, 220, 271, 322, 353, 357
  • Physics 141, 142, 171, 172

Math and physics tutoring is provided on a drop-in basis. Meet in O'Grady Library, lower level, for math and the Chemistry Lounge, Old Main Room 109, for physics. No appointment necessary.

Evening tutoring is held in Harned Hall Room 109 for physics and Spangler Hall for math. No appointment necessary.

If you are unable to meet at these times, please e-mail me to set up a time that will work.

E-mail: Daniel.Mast@stmartin.edu