LASSI for learning online

What is LASSI?

The Learning and Study Skills Inventory (LASSI) is designed to gather information about learning and study skills practices and attitudes of students who are entering college. It provides feedback about areas where students demonstrate existing strengths and where students may be weak and need to improve knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivations, and beliefs. Your LASSI profile can be used as a tool when you meet with your advisor to help you set goals for your first year as a student.

How do first year seminar students access the web LASSI?

Before taking the LASSI, please look through our brief PowerPoint overview of the inventory. This will provide background information on the inventory and what it is designed to measure. After looking through the presentation, please carefully follow the instructions below.

The URL below will direct you to a web page that contains directions for taking the LASSI. After you have read the directions on how to approach answering the questions, you must enter the following information in the box labeled First Administration.

After entering the above information, the next screen to appear will be the LASSI assessment. You must enter your first and last name into the spaces provided for the page to be submitted correctly. Important! In the ID field you must type in the last name of your first-year seminar instructor. Capitalize the first letter of the last name and type the rest in lower case. Example: Dr. Sharon Taylor = type Taylor.

When you've completed all of the questions and submitted your answers, you will be given the option to print. You may print a copy of your profile now or retrieve it later from your email. Be sure to save a copy since it contains a student key number that you will need when you log in to complete the post-LASSI at the end of the semester.

How do I interpret the results?

For a more in-depth interpretation of your LASSI results, feel free to contact the Learning and Writing Center for an appointment.

Read through the definitions of all ten scale scores to help you interpret your graphed profile.

You'll see the graph is marked off at the 75th and 50th percentiles. Students who score above the 75th percentile often don't need to work on the strategies or skills for that particular scale. Students who score between the 75th and 50th percentile on any scale should consider improving the relevant learning and study skills to optimize their academic performance. Students who score below the 50th percentile (which is not uncommon among first-year students) usually need to improve their relevant knowledge and skills to increase their chances of succeeding in a post-secondary setting.

If your first year faculty offers a study skills component in the seminar class, you will be able to target the areas that will be of most help to you as a college learner. Also, be sure to watch for Academic Success Workshops offered through the Learning Center and attend the sessions that will be of the most benefit to you. Peer tutors and peer readers are also there to help share their expertise on how to study most effectively for different courses.

Post-LASSI instructions

Follow the same instructions as for the first administration above, but this time enter your information into the box marked "Second Administration," using the school number above and the student key number that was printed on the results for your first administration.