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Financial aid and scholarships

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Specific questions about financial aid should be directed to the Saint Martin's University Student Financial Services.

Federal financial aid is available for graduate students who will be enrolled at least half time and are citizens, or eligible non-citizens, of the U.S.A. Most federal aid for graduate students is in the form of direct loans. For more details about federal aid eligibility and the different types of aid available for graduate and professional studies visit:

Steps for applying for federal graduate financial aid:

Priority deadline: March 1. Students can apply after the priority deadline. However, some funds are limited, so be sure to file by the deadline to ensure maximum aid eligibility.

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Saint Martin's University school code is 003794.
  2. Receive your "financial aid package" from the Saint Martin's University Student Financial Service Center. Carefully review and contact Student Financial Services if you plan to decline or reduce any of the aid you have been awarded.

Graduate assistantships and TEACH Grant

Graduate assistantships

Saint Martin’s University offers a limited number of Graduate Teaching and Research Assistantships to graduate students. Contact Bailey for more information – 360-438-6142.


Any undergraduate or graduate student who has received an acceptance letter to a College of Education teacher education program is eligible to apply for these grants. Grants are awarded in the amount of $4000 per year (four years max for undergraduate students; two years max for graduate students; certification-only students do not qualify to receive funding at Saint Martin’s. If an institution has a BA program in teacher education then the certification-only program does not qualify for the grant). Additional details are found on the TEACH Grant website and fact sheet.

Requirements of the grant:
The grants are not based on financial need, but they do have some factors to consider:

  1. Students may be in the following undergraduate majors: elementary education, special education, math, biology, chemistry and/or earning endorsements is the following "high need" areas: special education, math, biology, chemistry, science, middle level math, middle level science, reading, bilingual education, English language learners/English as a Second Language; Japanese, Spanish, or French.
  2. Students may be in the MIT program earning endorsements as listed in number one above.
  3. Students need to understand that the conditions of the grant require:
    1. You must have a completed FAFSA for each year you apply.
    2. You must maintain a GPA of 3.25 or better.
    3. You must teach in a high need endorsement area (listed in #1 above).
    4. You must teach in a public or private K-12 school for four years – within eight years of completing your program.
    5. The four years must be full time teaching – part time or part years do not "count."
    6. The school you teach in must be a designated low income school.
    7. You must sign a TEACH Grant Agreement each year you receive funds.
  4. If a student does not satisfy the conditions of the grant – the grant reverts to a loan to be paid back in full. It’s an "all or nothing" agreement – all the requirements must be met, or the money must be paid back with interest. Interest begins to accumulate based on the date of receiving the funds, not on the date of program completion.

Requirements of Saint Martin's University: If you are interested in applying for a TEACH Grant – you must (in addition to the requirements of the grant listed above):

  1. Read and sign the Letter of Interest form (in the presence of a College of Education and Counseling Psychology faculty or staff member);
  2. Complete the online entrance counseling required by the grant (;
  3. Sign and submit the Grant’s Agreement to Serve document (
  4. Contact the Financial Aid Office two weeks after completion of website documents (steps b and c above) to complete additional paperwork/requirements as needed.
  5. Notify the College of Education regarding TEACH Grant funds received if you withdraw from the program
  6. Notify the College of Education specifically regarding TEACH Grants if you change your program’s endorsements.

Catholic school special tuition program

For teachers, principals, paraprofessionals of the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of Seattle enrolled in the College of Education

The Saint Martin's University Catholic school special tuition program will provide a 50 percent occupational special tuition to full-time religious and lay teachers and principals and paraprofessionals of Catholic schools which are under the auspices of the Archdiocese of Seattle. This special tuition will apply to students accepted to any College of Education program. Individuals who are employed on a part-time basis will not be eligible for the program.

To be eligible for the above special tuition, individuals must be fully accepted into the undergraduate teacher education program, the certification-only program, the Master in Teaching program, or the Master of Education program. Please note that the special tuition for each semester (including summer) is based on the University academic year tuition rate.

Saint Martin's University reserves the right to limit the number of Catholic school special tuition program participants in any particular course or program. It is understood that students will be admitted on a "space available" basis. It is likewise understood that this tuition grant program is not retroactive.

Steps for applying for a the Catholic school special tuition program:

  • Complete an application for admission to Saint Martin's University, College of Education at least six weeks before classes begin
  • After acceptance into the College of Education, complete the application for the special tuition and mail to: Dr. Joyce Westgard, Dean, College of Education, Saint Martin's University, 5000 Abbey Way SE, Lacey, WA 98503

Application forms are available in the College of Education. Application for this special tuition must be submitted at least two weeks before the academic session in which a course in being offered.

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