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Program requirements

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Required credit hours

The number of credit hours and course requirements for the STAR program depend on which option is chosen, either STAR - Certification only or STAR - Master's in Teaching (MIT).

STAR - Certification only 45
STAR - MIT 50-54

In addition to these total required hours, the student may need to complete pre-requirements and/or endorsement courses. For the MIT option, the choice of thesis or non-thesis will impact the number of required credit hours.

Policies, procedures and forms

Further details, such as the program handbook and required forms can be found on the College of Education and Counseling Psychology website.

Required courses

Pre-professional courses (if not completed as an undergraduate)

ENG 101 College writing I
ENG 102 College writing II
SPH 106 Public address
PSY 101 Introduction to psychology
MTH 110 Mathematics and modern culture


Must be taken at the graduate level. (50-54 semester hours):

MED 506x Curriculum and instruction (2)
MED 570x Classroom assessment (2)
MED 582x Reading assessment (1)
MED 583x Issues of abuse (1)
MED 586x Middle level methods (3)
MED 560x Classroom management (2)
MED 571x Ed Law (1)
MED 526x Language acquisition methods (3)
ED 484x Secondary methods (3)
MED 585x Content area reading (1)
MED 512x Technology in the classroom (2)
MED 598x Student internship seminar (1)
MED 559x Introduction to exceptionality (2)
MED 596x Internship (12)
  Thesis or non-thesis option (3-7)

STAR Certification Only

Must be taken at the undergraduate level. (45 semester hours):

ED 306x Curriculum and instruction (3)
ED 370x Classroom assessment (3)
ED 482x Reading assessment (2)
ED 383x Issues of abuse (2)
ED 486x Middle level methods (3)
ED 360x Classroom management (3)
ED 371x Ed Law (3)
ED 426x Language acquisition methods (3)
ED 484x Secondary methods (3)
ED 485x Content area reading (2)
TED 412x Technology in the classroom (3)
ED 498x Student internship seminar (1)
ED 459x Introduction to exceptionality (3)
ED 496x Internship (12)

Competency-based endorsements

All students are required to complete two competency-based endorsements of approximately 30 or more semester hours each. Students can only be recommended for certification in the field of their major and in fields in which state requirements for added endorsements are met. Course requirements may be satisfied by:

  • Coursework completed with a 3.0 GPA or better at a regionally accredited, state-approved college or university;
  • Approved waiver documentation for previous life and/or work experience; and/or
  • Successfully passing the appropriate WEST-E exam.

Candidates secondary education (grades 5 to 12) must:

  • Have an academic major or equivalent (30 semester hour minimum) in the area in which they intend to be endorsed.

Authorized endorsements

Saint Martin's has been authorized by the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB) to offer teacher certificate competency-based endorsements in the fields below.

Click on the endorsement for a PDF of the endorsement form.

Bilingual ed Biology Chemistry Drama
Early childhood ed Early childhood special ed Elementary ed English/
language arts
Teaching ELL French Health / fitness History
Japanese Mathematics Middle-level humanities Middle-level math
Middle-level science
Music: Choral Music: Instrumental Music:
Reading / literacy
Science Social studies Spanish Special ed

For a detailed explanation of all policies, procedures and requirements, students should consult the School of Education Graduate Handbook.

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