Test proctoring program

One of the most common needs for students with disabilities is testing accommodations. Many disabilities are supported by accommodations such as extended testing time, testing in a reduced distraction space, and use of computer assisted testing. To assist faculty in providing these accommodations, students who have testing needs may request to have their accommodated exams proctored in the Learning and Writing Center.

Who can use this service?

The test proctoring in the Learning and Writing Center is only available for students with disabilities who are eligible for testing accommodations. These accommodations are the result of having a documented disability.

Note: Students with the accommodation of extended testing time may have a maximum of double time. Any student requesting more than double time must have an explicit recommendation from a qualified medical professional.

What is the process for having DSS proctor my exam?

  • Schedule the exam: As soon as you know of an upcoming exam, please schedule your exam with DSS. To schedule contact the LWC administrative assistant, the DSS test proctoring aide, or the DSS coordinator. You can also schedule online by sending your request to dss.testing@stmartin.edu.
  • Return Exam Approval Form to Faculty: Upon scheduling and confirming your testing reservation, you will receive an Exam Approval Form. It is the student's responsibility to give this form to the faculty member. The faculty will return the form and drop-off the exam at the Learning and Writing Center.
  • When it is time for your test: At your scheduled testing time, come to the DSS Office and we will get you set up with your exam. If for some reason you will not be able to make your exam reservations please contact your faculty member and the DSS office.

For more information about the DSS testing procedures and regulations please refer to the DSS Testing Policy Page.