Note takers

Our note taking program
A service to a fellow student with a documented disability, this position takes notes in class as a student normally would and then turns these notes over to the note taking coordinator, located in the Learning Center in the bottom of the O’Grady Library. Please visit our General Policy for more information on defining a disability.

Good to know
Note takers ARE responsible for notes, unless an unexpected illness or emergency arises. In this case, it is required to make up any missed notes by speaking with a fellow classmate.

Being a note taker teaches responsibility for both attendance and good notes. Note takers are paid for their service; this looks good on a resume as well. Note takers are chosen based on need and are selected on a first come, first serve basis. Those with previous note taking experience at Saint Martin’s are given priority.

AlphaSmart (word processers) are available for checkout through the DSS office. Carbon copy notebooks are also available for notes. Notes can be turned in either via hard copy or by e-mail.

DSS students are not disclosed to note takers unless the student chooses to do so. Note takers are to maintain confidentiality if they discover who their student is. Please fill out this packet and return to the note taking coordinator upon employment.

Job duties/requirements
Attend and take notes for every class day of the semester. Notes must be turned in twice a week at minimum, either by e-mail or by hard copy. Report to the note taking coordinator if there are any issues/problems with notes in class. The student whom you’re taking notes for is the quality control. You may be asked to take more detailed notes or type your notes. File a W4 and I9 with the office of finance in order to be paid at the end of the semester. It is a good idea to do this early in the semester to ensure quick payment! If you do not adhere to your job duties, we reserve the right to terminate employment.

A header is required on each page of notes. This is to ensure notes are sent to the right student in the right class. Each page of notes must have the following:

  • Class #, professor, date and page/page
    • For example: BIO105 Fulton 8/10/11 4/6
      *Please note: in some cases you will be required to include the section number. It is imperative the right course number and section letter are present to ensure the right notes are sent to the right student.

All note takers are required to undergo a training session once a year, including rehired note takers. Times are determined by the note taking coordinator.

Note taking systems
Students are free to use a note taking system that works best for them. Note takers are not required to use a particular note system. Writing notes word for word in a lecture is not required, although in some courses this may be a necessity. History courses, for example, tend to move at a quick pace in lecture with lots of details; it may be wise to dictate a lecture as opposed to generalizations. Please visit Cal Poly for examples of alternate note taking systems.

How do note takers get paid?
All note takers are required to file a W4 and I9 with the office of finance in order to be paid at the end of the semester. These forms can be found on the IRS website. Please visit or e-mail Laura Baldovin for more information. This is a paid position. Each credit hour is $50 in paid stipend. A three credit class pays $150 at the end of the semester. Work study is not required for this position.