Frequently asked questions

Q: What if I was previously diagnosed with a disability and need to update my documentation?

A: Contact the physician who previously provided your documentation and ask for an appointment to update your evaluation. Or, meet directly with the coordinator of Disability Support Services so you can discuss your options for referral. A personal interview will help determine whether another referral is appropriate and what professional resources are available. Colleges and universities are not required to pay for diagnostic services to determine whether an individual is eligible for ADA accommodations. It is helpful to everyone concerned if we have current documentation (this usually means within three years).

Q: What types of academic support are available for university students?

A: One of your best academic supports at Saint Martin's University can be faculty. Because Saint Martin's offers smaller class sizes, forming relationships with your professors is easy and essential. Become familiar with your professors' office hours. Be sure you are taking responsibility for your learning needs by clarifying course expectations, asking questions and checking in on your progress with your professors. Peer tutors are available in our Writing Center to assist students with their writing needs. This helpful resource can be accessed by both beginning and advanced writers. Tutors are available for many subjects in the Learning Center. The Career Center can assist students in making career choices, writing a resume, interview skills, graduate school information, and current job listings.

Q: I'm an athlete and I'm injured. What do I do?
A: At the discretion of the DSS coordinator, limited accommodation may be available to you. E-mail Geoff Brown at for more information.

Q: Do I have to have work study to be a note taker?
A: No. This position is paid as a stipend as opposed to a monthly paycheck. Checks are cut at the end of the semester.

Q: Am I allowed to take make up tests at the LWC?
A: Only students who have a documented disability may take tests at the LWC. If you have to make special arrangements, please speak with your professor.