Prospective students

How do I get started with DSS?
There are two main things students need to do to get started with disability support services:

  • Submit medical documentation of your disability to the DSS office by either fax at 360-412-6188 or e-mailing
  • Set up an initial intake session with the DSS coordinator to discuss you disability and what accommodations would best provide equal access. To set up the initial meeting call, e-mail, or come in person to the lower level of the O'Grady Library.

If I had accommodations in high school, will I be eligible for accommodations in college?
Not necessarily. This is why the meeting with the DSS coordinator is so important. Some accommodations from K-12 will be the same, while some services may no longer be appropriate at a college level. The DSS coordinator can answer any accommodation related questions and explain, if any, the difference there will be between high school and college accommodations.

What are helpful things a student with a disability can do to prepare for college?

  • Obtain updated documentation: updated documentation will give the college DSS professionals the best idea of what the student's current needs are. While in K-12 there might still be resources available through the school districts for obtaining updated documentation such as a neuropsychological evaluation.
  • If you have need of any residential accommodations, documentation stating your housing needs from a medical professional may be needed.
  • Make sure you have medical/mental health care: often college campuses are a fair distance away from home. Many individuals with disabilities have routine medical appointments with a doctor or therapist. If necessary make sure you have access to professionals near campus. Also, know of any nearby pharmacies for necessary medications.
  • Visit the campus! Visiting the campus before attending college gives an individual a chance to determine whether or not some mobility assistance or training is needed before attending.
  • See if you qualify for DVR: the Department of Vocational Resources may be a resource for individual with disabilities who are going to college and seeking a career.