Counseling services for students


There are no costs to students for counseling services.


Services are available to all active and currently enrolled students. When there is a waitlist, actively enrolled undergraduate students will have priority.


Because counseling is a personal matter, the Counseling and Wellness Center maintains confidentiality to the limits provided by the law. No record of counseling is contained in any academic, educational or job placement file, and information about counseling is only released with the student's written permission. The only exception would be in cases mandated by law, such as imminent danger to self or others, abuse of children, the elderly. or the disabled, or a court subpoena.

How to make an appointment and hours of operation

Students can call, email or simply walk in (Lynch Center) during business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am to 5pm). The receptionist will be available for assistance. 

Get to know your counselors by checking out counseling center staff site.

The counseling center is open from 9:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday during fall and spring semesters to all enrolled students. Counseling services during the summer are reduced with some closures and limited to emergency outreach and consultations.

Counseling services

The center offers individual counseling, brief crisis intervention, referrals in the community, consultations, support through education and training, drug and alcohol assessment, information, and education classes.

Substance abuse prevention and education program

The Counseling Center houses the substance abuse prevention and education program. It offers assessment, screening, information, treatment recommendations, referrals, as well as classes.

Health and wellness services

The center offers a limited supply of over the counter medications.

Workshops and training seminars

Our center offers outreach programs and consults with campus programs and departments to develop specific programs and presentations for faculty, classes, residence hall groups, campus organizations and the campus community.

Self help materials

Located in our counseling center waiting area, we have a variety of pamphlets, brochures and handouts. However, a much more comprehensive and updated self help materials are found in our online site from counseling centers around the country and are available through the virtual pamphlet collection and self help materials.

Online resources and workshops

The Counseling Center site provides helpful links such as online resources and online workshops. Specifically, it offers sites not only for some specific mental health topics for college students, but also provides resources for parents, first year transition (for students and their parents), international students, student veterans, and other special student minority populations.