Feeling lousy? Have a runny nose and sore throat? Pounding headache ruining your concentration and focus? The Counseling Center has a handy cold and headaches relief counter, which can help you feel better. Stop by the self-care center, check out remedies.

This is meant for short term cold or allergy relief. We would recommend looking at the following cold and flu self screening to learn the difference between a seasonal short term cold and allergy versus a full blown flu symptom. This brief screening will also help you see if you also need to be seen at our Student Health Center. Most importantly, when you have the flu, we recommend that you stay at home and drop by first at the student health center to verify if you are well enough and fit to attend or resume your classes.

We strongly recommend that you stop by and ask the assistance of our student health center staff if you need help in trying to understand your physical symptoms and ailment. We would caution students when it comes to self-medicating; the student health center staff is very much available and qualified to assist you in making the right choices for your health, safety and well being.