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2013 - 2014 STAR Internship Information and Application

Secondary Teacher Alternate Route Program for middle school and high school

Program overview–updated: October 2012

The South Sound Consortium partnership is seeking to enroll individuals with baccalaureate degrees and unique qualifications* who are seeking an alternate route to teacher certification. Candidates for teacher certification in this alternative route work with mentors in a middle school or high school and take courses designed to meet their needs through a state approved teacher education program. The nature of these courses varies depending upon the needs of the candidate and the requirements and expectations of both the district and the university. All candidates must meet all standards established by the state of Washington for residency certification and all standards established by Saint Martin’s University for program completion.

*Unique qualifications may include: non-certificated district employees of school districts who hold bachelor’s degrees (or higher) and who are seeking residency certification and endorsement in an area with shortages and/or professionals who have bachelor’s degrees (or higher) in content areas that could lead to endorsement in a district-specific shortage area.

Districts generally give priority to individuals who are seeking residency teacher certification in endorsements in the following areas: math, biology, chemistry, general science, middle level math or science, ESL/ELL, bilingual education, special education, or in subject matter shortages due to geographic locations.

The university will do a careful review of each applicant’s background and transcripts. The minimum number of candidates for the program is 15; the maximum to be accepted is 25. In the event minimum enrollment goals are not met, the College of Education reserves the right to cancel the Secondary Teacher Alternate Route (STAR) Program.

Cohorts of candidates for this program shall attend an intensive summer teaching academy (June 17 through August) followed by an unpaid full academic-year mentored internship in a district (approximately September 1, 2013 through May 2014).

Candidates agree to register for a minimum of 45 semester credits in the certification-only program or 36 semester credits in the MIT Program.

Additional credits may be needed for endorsement competencies based on transcript review. Tuition for the summer academy (pending the budgetary process) will be $380 per semester credit. Tuition for the remaining program will be $400 per semester credit. Program fees will total $235. Books are in addition to tuition and fees. Candidates will earn credits in three ways:

  1. through regular course enrollment during the summer academy,
  2. through modular learning opportunities throughout the program year and
  3. through credit earned by evaluation of documentation of previous life experience.

Tuition for the 45 credits will be $17,580 with program fees of $235, totaling $17,815. The MIT tuition will be $14,120 with program fees of $235, totaling $14,355 for certification. An additional 12-14 credits will be needed later to complete the master's degree in teaching. These fees are estimates based on the best information available at this date.

In previous years, the legislature, through the Professional Educators Standards Board, has approved a conditional loan scholarship for successful applicants seeking endorsements in high needs areas, however, this is uncertain for next year. Tuition and fees will need to be paid prior to each term by the candidate, regardless of any loan scholarship possibilities. Loans and scholarships are awarded directly to the participants. The funding of the scholarship is dependent upon state budget decisions.

Candidate entry requirements:

  • Candidates must have a minimum of one year experience in the work force.
  • Candidates must have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education. The individual’s cumulative (or a recent 12 semester credits’) grade point average must be 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.
  • Candidates must successfully pass all three parts of the statewide basic skills exams (West B), and one West E subject area exam in a high needs area prior to receiving the conditional loan scholarship, if one is offered by the State. Saint Martin’s requires two endorsement areas completed prior to teacher certification.
  • Candidates must complete and submit the Saint Martin’s University College of Education STAR and teacher certification application packets, including three letters of reference, state and university forms, and an on-site essay.
  • Candidates must meet the age, good moral character, and personal fitness requirements adopted in the Washington Administrative Code for teachers.

It is possible to integrate the STAR Program with a Master in Teaching (MIT) degree at a substantial cost savings. Candidates who wish to pursue the graduate degree would apply for both programs at the same time.

Application deadlines and important dates:

NEW Special Education applicants need to submit materials and be accepted one year in advance. Meet with Dr. Cynthia Petersen for a formal transcript evaluation to determine eligibility:
January 3, 2013 and after Application materials may be submitted to Saint Martin's University, College of Education. Applications will be received until positions are filled.
February-May Acceptance interviews, waiting list determined
June 1 Acceptances are completed
June 17 Orientation and intensive summer academy begin