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Added endorsements

Added endorsements are for individuals who already hold valid Washington State Initial, Continuing, Residency, or Professional Teaching Certifications and wish to add one or more endorsement(s). Washington state is currently offering three specific Pathway Options for added endorsements (see chart: Added Endorsement Chart).

The College of Education at Saint Martin’s University is offering three options (see SMU Added Endorsement Options a, b, and c) for completion of the added endorsement through our institution which align with the WA State Pathways 1, 2, and 3. Candidates must complete the added endorsement application (including a non-refundable application fee of $35) and be accepted to the added endorsement program at Saint Martin’s University. Note: the $35 application fee is waived if the candidate completed teacher certification at Saint Martin’s University within one year of the date of the application for the added endorsement program. Tuition for courses required for the program will be the tuition for the site at which the course is offered (e.g., extension tuition rate for extension courses, main campus tuition rate for main campus courses).

The Saint Martin’s University College of Education is authorized to offer the added endorsement program in the following endorsement areas: biology, bilingual education, chemistry, drama, early childhood, early childhood special education, elementary education, English/language arts, English as a second language, French, health/P.E., history, Japanese, mathematics, middle-level humanities; middle-level math/science, choral music, instrumental music, general music, reading, science, social studies, Spanish, and special education. See endorsement forms.